What was Elko’s Place…Is now Play Maverick.
New Name, New Branding, New Cards, New Tiers, New Collateral, It’s the New Maverick!
With the new Play Maverick, Players will be getting MORE based on their play. The MORE you play the MORE you get.
And Players have the power to choose how to spend their Loyalty Points.

Earn & Redeem

Loyalty Points are earned at a faster rate as you advance to higher tiers.


  • 100 points = $1 FREE PLAY or Comps

  • Convert Loyalty Points to FREE PLAY right at your slot machine

No matter what tier you are in, redeem your Loyalty Points for

  • Food & Beverage
  • Retail
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Starbucks
  • Gas

Loyalty Points and Comps have no cash value
Loyalty Points & FREE PLAY cannot be earned/used on specialty games
Loyalty Points are not earned when using FREE PLAY

Tier Credits

Earn tier credits as you play your favorite Slot and Table games.

As tier credits accrue your tier level rises. Each tier unlocks new multipliers, discounts, and benefits. The more you play the more you earn!

Player Benefits

tier multipliers

Gold tier will receive the option of Starbucks or Gas each month